Cupid’s Crafty Arrow

By | July 24, 2009

REVIEW July 2009

“You simply have to hand it to the young people of HaBYT, whose enthusiasm and confidence responded to the expanse and sense of Drama in an entertaining rendition of Shakespearean love-scenes, complete with a modern touch and humour. The actors used every fixture , from pulpit to balcony, and moved freely around the audience. The words were clear, despite the echoing quality of the venue…the singing of the choristers in Twelfth Night was extraordinarily beautiful and Scarlett Spurgeon, as Malvolio in the same play, gave a very good performance. Romeo and Juliet was always going to be the climax and offered a wonderful opportunity to Miryam Jacobi and Andrew Clarke to excel, which they duly took. The scene performances led into a lovely finale and curtain call, where everyone returned and danced a jig, just as they would have 450 years ago.

All in all, a fresh and innovative approach to a 450-year old selection of sonnets and script, music and dance where the staging, setting and acting came together successfully.

– Amanda Jackson. HB Today

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