Xmas with HaBYT 2009

By | December 24, 2009

December 2009

This final, end-year show to a packed Napier RepertoryTheatre, ranged from a strongly dramatic Charles Dickens scene (from “Great Expectations”); to scenes of (oh-so-recognisable!) domestic drama (“Forgetting”); and teenage bickering (“Fault”). Also, a very clever “Pater Noster” (a comic look at misogyny); “George”, a poignant, subtle scene about neglect of old people; “Interruptions” (gossiping American teenagers) and finally, one of the most powerful pieces of the evening, “Elizabeth the Fourth”, a very strong interpretation of mother/daughter relationships, superbly acted by Jasmine Zerjal and Champa Maciel.

The other cast members: James Goldenthal, Benjamin McIntosh, Sofia Roberts, Kurt Wilson, Lara East, Eleanor Yule, Miryam Jacobi, Lili Summer.

We were very fortunate to have Peter Cottrell add an adult, professional and Xmas touch to the proceedings, with a beautiful reading of Bruce Mason’s unforgettable “Christmas at Te Parenga”.

HaBYT’s Dec 2009 production “Xmas with HaBYT” at Little Theatre, Napier, was, according to the HB Today review;

“a delight to see…..a beautifully arranged selection of pieces….Lorna Clark and Desiree Maggin were truly stunning in their scene of a dying mother watching the last fireworks with her daughter….simple and sincere….Andrew Clark and Nick Perreaux hit the comic timing perfectly in ‘Fatal Beatings’….a wonderful evening’s entertainment….two hours of engaging theatre from this young people’s company”…

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