Once a Catholic 2010

By | July 24, 2010

ONCE A CATHOLIC by Mary O’Malley

“The Young cast displayed depth of understanding in a very demanding production”
Megan Etoa.

“The Company portayed the repressive influence of the 1950s Catholic church with skill and empathy, simple but effective set, evocative lighting, all contributing to the authenticity of this production once again, the total commitment and talent of the HaBYT cast resulted in a thoroughly enjoyable performance”
Beth Allardice. (Theatre buff)

“I was impressed by the amazing maturity of the performances and the obvious understanding the actors had of their roles. There was a sharpness to the dialogue and a lovely energy to the scenes that was consistently maintained. Their was a total sureness in: the Stage Movement; the physical/emotional interaction and use of accent. This seemed to be a cast who had really explored their roles and the possibilities in each moment, a sure sign of rapidly maturing skills and dramatic awareness. Top-class!”
Alan Powdrell. ( Drama teacher and Director)

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