Desperate Antics 2012

By | June 24, 2012


“Desperate Antics”, the satirical play written by Kevin Keys for HaBYT’s 2006 expedition to the Edinburgh Festival in 2006, was brought back to life, with no loss of relevance, by the HaBYT Advanced Training Group.



“in 2012, making fun of the false Gods of consumerism, corporate greed, the body perfect and gender stereotyping is just as relevant and comic as it was 6 years ago and the cast of 9 played it to the hilt. Ensemble Theatre demands pace, energy and a real physical commitment and this is what this young cast gave it. They tackled their many, changing roles fearlessly and honestly. The pace was maintained by simple lighting changes and a well-chosen sound track that supported the shifting focus of each scene. The obvious audience engagement and the laughter that followed many of the scenes was a clear measure of the production’s success. I was equally impressed by the the consistent clarity and strength of the vocal delivery. HaBYT should be congratulated on bringing an original and entertaining piece of theatre to their stage in this, their 43rd production since 2003. The audience were both stimulated and entertained by a wonderfully thought-provoking night of (really!) LIVE Theatre.”

Alan Powdrell. HB Today.

“Clever, funny, tightly-paced and as relevant now as when first written. As mad as the money market it lambasts, but much more tightly controlled. Great Directing and Acting.”

Ani Tylee.

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