The Taming of the Shrew 2012

By | August 24, 2012

REVIEW August 2012

The 44th show from HaBYT, whose plays have been courageous and challenging. This Production is well worth seeing and is one of Shakespeare’s most watchable plays. Logan Webber and Helena Steinmann, as Lucentio and Tranio, started the action and told their side of the story with clarity and understanding. Petruchio (Jordan Angell)’s entrance lifted everyone’s performance and Ryan Meachan and Julia Wareham (as Baptista and Bianca) were commendably in character all the time. However, a particularly good chemistry was set alight when, with percussion accompaniment, Katherina (Eleanor Yule) and Petruchio (Jordan Angell), sized each other up at their first unchaperoned meeting and each used the whole stage in a wide sweep of the other which was dramatic and effective.

Yule, particularly when Katherina is more composed and scheming, managed beautifully and was articulate and real, while Angell, the other lead, was versatile and extremely entertaining, with secure and commanding expression.

The cast had obviously been rehearsed very well, as evident in the choreographed mayhem and the players’ interaction, all signs of incredibly hard work. Costumes, lighting, Sound and projected backdrops for Padua and Petruchio’s country estate, were all good. The pace was excellent and the tantrum Petruchio threw on his welcome home was pure theatre.

The talent is there, raw and passionate, but definitely there.

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