Drama Class Weekly Update

By | May 29, 2015

The end of another fun-filled week at The Drama Workshop. We are devising, rehearsing, reviewing, dancing, sharing and celebrating success!

 Havelock North:

The Players – their awesome play ‘Intercept’ is really coming along! What fabulous imaginations this group have and it’s great to see their acting skills being honed.


The Troupe – This group are busily rehearsing their Monster play and working towards learning all their lines by the end of term!

The Ensemble – Blocking has started for their sharing of readers text ‘Letters’. Sharing of work: Thursday 25 June at 5pm.


The Company – Casting is complete and rehearsals are in full swing for ‘Hoodie’. Quite a challenging piece but these talented performers are up to the challenge. Congratulations to Vikki, Freyja, Rhyva, Sally, Marina and Caitlin from this group who participated in the 48 Hour film festival with HaBYT. Congratulations to Vikki again, for her performance in ‘Over the Top’.

HaBYT – Two groups combined this week to talk about the new project ‘The Laramie Project’ with Dan. Exciting news coming about a possible performance space. Congratulations to Isabelle, Sarah, Zoe and Michael for their participation in the 48 hrs film festival. Also congratulations to Carwen, Tana, Jack and Helen for their superb performances in ‘Over the Top’.


The Crew – Started using simple costume for our readers theatre piece that we will be sharing with parents on Mon 22 June. Had some fun with quick hat changes and working with levels. Some vacancies in this group for next term!

The Performers – Wow! Their Monster play has come so far so quickly – loving the characterisation that is developing. Great to see so much effort going into line learning too.


The Entertainers – The energetic entertainers are full of enthusiasm! Some fantastic characterisation and focus happening in this class – keep up the great work! Congratulations to Amy-Grace for her fantastic performance in ‘Over the Top’.

The Wanderers – This new group has some extremely talented actors. They are exploring status and character with Peter and week brings new challenges and skill development. Congratulations to Wanderer Maite for her stunning performance in ‘Over the Top’.


Well done to all the Drama Workshop students – you are simply awesome!!!


Juliet, Peter and Dan.

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