Tahi Ao

By | June 8, 2016

Please join us for the Hawkes Bay season of Tahi Ao. Then on July 11 we hit the skies and travel to Brisbane for a week to perform there.  Tickets for Hawkes Bay:

Tahi Ao in Napier on Thursday 30 June at Napier Little Theatre book here: http://www.eventfinda.co.nz/…/tahi-ao-by-the-hawkes-…/napier

Friday 1 July in Hastings at Lindisfarne College, book here:http://www.eventfinda.co.nz/…/tahi-ao-by-the-hawke…/hastings

About the play:

One World, right?

Is it really? Why is it that we continue to push not only each other but our world to its limits? Who is in control? Should we want to be in control?

Tahi Ao (One World) is a confronting but humorous morality play and explores these questions deeply. Twelve teenagers have worked collaboratively with Directors Daniel Betty and Peter Cottrell to discuss issues like; Surviving, consumerism, religion, refugees, ownership, narcissism, bullying and much more. These issues are explored with humility and humour and the actors are challenged to work with truth.

The Gods, Mother Earth, and Father Sky have been pulled apart by their children. As their love has been challenged light floods the Earth and life explodes. The Gods struggle with Human existence and how they are affecting the world we live in. They observe the hardships and inner struggles through 15 characters telling their intimate confessions. This breaking of the fourth wall challenges the
audience into questioning why we do these things to ourselves or why do the Gods allow it?

Tahi Ao is a physical theatre piece and allows the chorus to enhance each character using a multitude of theatrical conventions. By using a mixture of poetry, prose, silence, and soundscape the audience will be riveted as they are pulled along this emotional roller-coaster.Tahi flyer and billboard

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