Term Four

By | October 6, 2018

Dear Parents,

As this term nearly ends, we are putting plans in place for next term! Attached is the rehearsal schedule for our production of Pania, with some additional weekend rehearsals listed. The weekend rehearsals will all be in the Napier studio at 6a Hastings St, Napier.  Not everyone is required for the entire time on the weekend, mainly the Producers, Ensemble and Company, but everyone is required for at least one hour for singing.  There are very few changes to the normal class schedule except where classes have combined, there is a slight time change and your class time is in the subject line of this email.
A note about this production: We received a grant from Napier CC Creative Communities to commission playwright Amanda Jackson to write the play, in consultation with Ngati Paarau. Amanda, Kate and I have been on a journey in our own learning and understanding and we are pleased to say that we have the blessing of the Hapu to go ahead with this production. it has truly been an enriching and enlightening process. They have had some input into the script and have seen all of the drafts as they have been written. We are also blessed to have expert Kapa haka teacher Tania Robin joining us in this production and she has been working hard on the music, chants, ngere and waiata. David Trubridge has also come on board and his design company will be designing part of the set –  a waterfall – that Pania passes through to transform from sea to land. Also joining the crew will be teacher Manda Dagg who is also a Toi Whakaari graduate and will be in charge of the set, props and technical aspects of the play. She will also be the stage manager.  We are sooo excited to have this wonderful team!!
We understand that this whole of school production will not be everyones ‘cup of tea’ due to the increased demand on time especially on the weekend but as you can see, it will be well and truly over before the silly season starts. (Although things seem to be getting sillier, earlier, these days!)
Classes will resume as normal in term one in age classes and the timetable is on the website for term one 2019. So don’t worry if you can’t do the Pania production, just let us know as soon as possible if this is the case and if you still want to be enrolled for regular classes in term one 2019.
Invoices for term four will be going out in the holidays and as mentioned earlier in the year, we will be adding a costume/props fee of $15 to contribute to the production costs. We have not yet had the results of our grant applications for venue hire and production personnel costs but fingers crossed these will be successful which will allow us to keep the ticket price down.  Class fees for term four are as follows:
Yr 1/2/3/4:  $135 + $15 costume/props (Drama llamas, Crew, Players)
Yr 5/6: $135 + $15 costume/props (Dramatists, Entertainers, Troupe)
Yr 7/8: $148 (1.5 hr class for term four only) + $15 costume/props (Ensemble class only)
Yr 9/10: $148 (1.5 hr as normal) + $15 costume/props (Company class only)
Please note, Kate’s Monday and Saturday classes in Napier remain at $135 +$15 costume/props
We hope to have news soon of our App!!
Havelock North classes will likely move to Keirunga next year.
There will be holiday programs in January.
There are three spaces left for the drama camp on labour weekend. (Age 10+)
Nga mihi,
Juliet, Peter, Kate and Jenny

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