Holiday Workshop Success!

By | January 23, 2020

I always seem to be surprised at the end of a three day intensive holiday program just how much growth there has been. I shouldn’t. Its all geared towards that. Our goals are centred around making connections for the child: connections with others, connections with a new skill, connections with their body, connections with those ‘aha’ moments of ‘So this is how its done’. Connections with tutors are equally as important. We pride ourselves on making kids feeling comfortable in exploring new skills and providing a safe and secure setting to do so.

This program was no exception and we managed to create a fun and engaging piece of theatre around the Greek myth – Demeter and Persephone. Working strategically through a script and throwing in lots of opportunities to ‘play’ dramatically along with some short focused sessions on articulation, characterisation and projection, provides the perfect plan for a full three day program. we even got to sit back and relax and watch a couple of movies, walk to he playground for a play and have lots of laughs along the way!

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