We provide conference and event entertainment, company challenge nights and murder mysteries. We also specialise in customer service training and recruitment through our unique Applied Theatre process.

Murder Mystery Dinners

Our unique murder mystery dinners unfold during an evening of fine dining. Guests are given their characters up to ten days before the event and must come prepared to play their part (no stage acting required) during the evening. Our actors lead you through the events and guests are tasked with trying to solve the mystery and avoid being murdered themselves! We have a variety of themes available.

What some of our clients have said about us:

“We got Juliet and her troop in to do a murder mystery event for the Hawke’s Bay Young Professionals in December 2016 at St Georges Restaurant in Hastings. The entire process was so smooth and easy. All we had to do was sell the tickets to our members, and then two weeks before the event we gave Juliette the names of everyone along with their introverted/extroverted selection and she organised the rest. No extra work on my behalf. Then on the night, we didn’t need to do any event management either, Juliette and her amazing team of actors organised everyone coming through the door, giving them their monopoly money and any additional information they needed, staying wonderfully in character the entire time. None of us was really sure about what to actually expect having never done a murder mystery night before, but any expectations that we had were definitely met and over delivered upon. It was such a fun night, full of surprises and excitement and I think actually all being able to play someone other than ourselves helped to create a bond between everyone there, and enabled us during and after the event to discover more about each other that we might not otherwise have found out, making future events much more seamless as people already had a connection. I know a lot of people were nervous about what an event like this might entail, and if they’d be pushed outside of their comfort zones. And we have a really diverse group, with doctors and lawyers, through to teachers and accountants, but everyone loved it and really came out of their shell. Everyone enjoyed it from the super confident people right through to the most nervous and socially awkward ones in the group. The thing that I probably enjoyed the most is that because everyone had such a detailed backstory you could walk around the room listening into everyone’s conversations and at any point you might find out more information about the story, and I can imagine there are so many potential outcomes that could come from the same base of characters that doing the same story multiple times would still be super engaging and exciting. I highly recommend you give it a go. It’s a great team building exercise for groups and generally just a whole load of fun!”

Dan Browne, Hawkes Bay Young Professionals

“It was voted the best Christmas party ever. We would highly recommend your services to any staff function, as not only was the evening a Christmas function but due to the entertainment you provided, it ended up being a team building experience too.”

– Blaine Stride, Director, Te Mata Peak Practice

Adult Drama/Acting classes

These classes are fun, dynamic, entertaining and non-threatening.

Designed to help strengthen your voice, develop confidence and enhance your performance skills the classes will normally be presented in 8 week blocks. Term One is a shorter course and  begins on Monday 25 February, 2019 for six weeks, through to Monday 1 April.

Who: All acting levels from no experience to acting veteran, will be catered for.

What: The program will cover the following topics:

  • understanding and finding your voice
  • exploring and interpreting text/script
  • stage craft skills for acting
  • techniques for speaking to camera (screen acting)
  • rehearsing a short scene

Where:  ‘The Napier Studio’, 6a Hastings Street, stairs entrance across the road from the Cathedral fountain and next to Quay Gallery.

When: Mondays  7.00 – 8.30pm

Term One Course: 6 weeks beginning Monday 25 February, 2019 for six weeks, through to Monday 1 April. $120 inc GST. An invoice will be sent.

Teacher: Peter Cottrell. B.Ed (Adult Education); Diploma of  Teaching (Primary); Assoc Dip Arts (Acting). Read more about Peter.


Bogus Conference Speakers

Our customised bogus speakers are fun, relevant and strangely insightful.

So how does it work? You provide us with your conference focus. For example:

  • Celebrating Success
  • Working Smarter
  • Cultural Change
  • Working Together
  • Risk Management.

Sound familiar? You then provide us with your company specific content, personalities and issues. (Anything you are happy to tell us, we are happy to use!).

We customise the performance and choose the expert characters to suit your situation. Our character teams present either upfront or undercover, but always as experts in the field!

Contact us below to create a customised performance for your next conference.